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You must file for tax return electronically through the FTA portal: Before filing the VAT return form 201 on the portal, you must make sure that all tax returns requirements are met.

When are businesses required to file VAT return?

Taxable businesses must file VAT returns with FTA on a regular basis and usually within 28 days of the end of the ‘tax period’ as defined for each type of business. The standard tax period is:

  • . Quarterly for businesses with an annual turnover below AED150 million
  • . Monthly for businesses with an annual turnover of AED150 million or more. 

What is the form VAT 201?

The VAT 201 is the VAT Return form which a taxpayer needs to fill and submit in order to complete the VAT return filing. The Form VAT 201 the details mentioned below:

  • . The Details of the Taxable Person
  • . The period of VAT Return 
  • . VAT on sales and all other outputs
  • . VAT on expenses and all other inputs
  • . Net VAT Due or VAT payable for the period 
  • . Additional reporting requirements (Only for the Profit Margin Scheme Applicants)
  • . Declaration and Authorized Signatory

Once you carefully fill all the above-mentioned details, click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation message from the FTA on your registered mail.

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