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at their business model. Proper continuance of accounting records will be one of the initial requirements for any business to endure the new legislation. Appropriate recording of all the invoices, outflows, etc. will be fundamental so that VAT return filing can be made timely without any errors. Only hiring a reliable and experienced VAT consultant can help you ease your VAT processes effectively. To avail the best VAT services in UAE, you need to find a professional VAT consultant who can help you with proper accounting and Value Added Tax Services. At this juncture, outsourcing all accounting services will be the better option for the businesses that lack internal capabilities and sufficient resources to support VAT implementation. A competent VAT consultant improves your business performance, operational efficiency and VAT compliance.

How can VAT services help you grow your business in UAE?

VAT is not an additional burden or cost for the business. In general, every business act as a mediator for the Government. Only the effect is reflected in the cash flow. So, proper planning and effective management of tax collection and its execution will give added value and cash inflows to every business. VAT services help:

  • . To prevent errors in filing tax return.
  • . To claim the input tax paid as per the VAT law.
  • . Provide guidelines to avoid fines and penalties.
  • . Maintain the books of account for five years, as per law.
  • . Conducts the tax audit to safeguard the company from material misstatement.
  • . Get updated and trained regarding the latest changes in the VAT law and its impacts on accounting.
  • . Provide guidelines for the preparation of invoices for sales.

Services Provided by VAT Consultants

  • . VAT compliance issues and control
  • . Minimising VAT liabilities
  • . Identifying risk and proper solutions
  • . Identifying prospective tax planning opportunities 
  • . VAT Filing and payment.
  • . Data recording and organization
  • . Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • . Purveyor organization
  • . Client organization
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