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An independent audit is a foundation for decision-making in capital markets. Stakeholders seek a responsible and objective opinion from independent auditors and the fundamental goal of our auditor professionals in the UAE is to provide this audit assurance.

We believe the statutory audit and assurance should be viewed as an opportunity, not an overhead. By keeping you up-to-date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes throughout the annual cycle, as well as providing appropriate insights into maximizing the potential of your business, we believe that our firm processes can serve to enhance the operation of your business. Through robust audit tools, resources, and procedures, deliver high-quality audit services, adhering to the highest standards of independence, ethics, professional objectivity while applying technical excellence.

At “MBA” in the UAE, we are committed to providing excellent professional auditing and assurance service in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Now and again, marketplace feedback, from both large quoted and growing businesses, confirms that our audit opinion is robust and commercially focused. MBA has been commended by our clients as being one of the most efficient and one of the top audit firms in the UAE. Our auditing has been able to find out any tax mistakes done by companies and help them stay compliant with the tax regulations. We are registered auditors in various free zones in Dubai, UAE, and also approved auditors in major banks in UAE. We are reputed and approved auditors for all major free zones in the U.A.E. (including DMCC, JAFZA, DSO, DIFC, DWC, Fujairah, Ajman, RAK, etc.) and also approved auditors in major banks in UAE.

Why Do You Need Auditing and Assurance and How does it help you?

As a provider of professional auditing services in the UAE, we have been able to help many companies to know the exact picture of the company’s financial health. This is very essential for planning investment and expansion. Auditing and Assurance will also help you to find out if your company is fully compliant with the accounting laws of the country.

We provide a variety of services about auditing and assurance like internal audit and external audit, Special purpose audit, forensic audit, stock audit, Liquidation services, etc. As a provider of the best auditing services in Dubai, Auditing Services In Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, UAE, we also offer you audit assurance and financial reporting advice and solutions under the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). We can also conduct a limited review of your financial records or do a specialized audit. We are also providing training to the company management relating to the implications of various recent IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) amendments.

An audit seeks to provide a real overview of the financial performance of a business, whilst improving an entity’s efficiency and profitability. This is achieved through the insightful financial results which an audit can uncover, such data allows key stakeholders to take calculated risks, whilst assessing elements within the financial structure that may need improvements.

To ensure business activities comply with accounting laws and regulations, our audit firm thoroughly examines a client’s business process, analyzes performance comparisons, discloses their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifies critical areas of their operations

As Professional Auditing Services In Dubai and Professional Auditing Services In UAE, auditors in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, UAE we will check for any mistakes in your records and help you to take necessary corrective action. The audit will also help you to find weaknesses in the company and correct them at the right time. We are also approved auditors for banks in UAE for the clients who are having facilities with the banks. We are reputed and approved auditors for all major free zones in the U.A.E. (including DMCC, JAFZA, DSO, DIFC, DWC, Fujairah, Ajman, RAK, etc.) and also approved auditors in major banks in UAE. We are also registered as approved insolvency practitioners and official Liquidators in DIFC.

Using our Bank Approved Auditor In UAE, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, UAE can help you to present the correct financial picture of the company to your shareholders and earn their confidence. An audit report is a document that any investor will trust to know the strength of the company.

We are registered auditors in Mainland and various free zones like Jafza, DIFC, DMCC, DSO, Ajman Freezones, Fujairah Freezone, Media city Freezone, DWC Freezone, Dubai Development Authority (Tecom), DIFC, etc.

Following are the general requirements across all Freezones related to the compliance for maintenance of books of account and the financial statements:

  • within 90 days from the end of the financial year, an Audit report is to be submitted from the approved auditor listed in the respective free zone.
  • The Company must comply with the minimum capital adequacy requirement. (Each Freezone has a different threshold).
  • The company can carry out only the licensed commercial activities and must keep all necessary documentation and records for import and export of goods, and other related transactions.

Professional Forensic Auditing and Fraud Detection services

One of the very important functions that we do as Certified Fraud Examiners are to uncover any fraudulent activity in your company by doing the fraud investigation audit. This will help you to find the persons responsible for such actions and take immediate action. This will be a great help to control the loss that you will be incurred because of such activities.

Forensic investigations are done for several reasons like corruption, Asset Misappropriation, and Financial Statement Fraud. A forensic auditor in UAE is required to have an understanding of various frauds that can be carried out and of how evidence needs to be collected. A forensic audit differs greatly from a normal audit in that trained forensic auditors will examine in detail every transaction. Background checks on individuals are carried out to determine if they are living beyond their means.

In any forensic audit, the main intention is to review the information available to determine if the allegation/information is credible and not merely malicious.

A fraud investigation auditor is known as a forensic auditor, who is an expert in the investigation of audits. A fraud auditor scrutinizes the financial records of a company, to trace the suspect and the fraud that was committed. Our professionals are especially skilled at discovering and investigating all sorts of financial embezzlements and frauds. RBS team members are respectively accredited by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Along with these, insights of the experts from various professionals’ backgrounds such as Chartered Accountants, Forensic Accountants, CFE, CPA, CMA, ACCA, etc. having experience of working in big 4 accounting firms can be also availed.

Official Liquidator and Insolvency Practitioner in Dubai, UAE

Liquidation, dissolution, or de-registration of a company is referred to as the closure of business operations after paying off the liabilities to the creditors and distributing the assets of the company to its shareholders & owners. This is the detailed legal procedure, the regulation of land is taken place to ensure all stakeholders are being considered at the time of winding up the company in Dubai, UAE. We are reputed and approved auditors/Liquidators for all major free zones in the U.A.E. (including DMCC, JAFZA, DSO, DIFC, DWC, Fujairah, Ajman, RAK, etc.)

We are listed as official liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners in the DIFC Official liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners list. We have an experienced team of liquidators that can help you in DIFC liquidation procedure and legal matters related to winding up a company in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).  We will take care of all the liquidation document preparation, utility cancellations, clearance certificates, bank account closure, no liability certificate, audited financial statements for liquidation, and a final liquidation report to smoothly done this process of liquidation with no hassle.

We also provide Company Liquidation auditioning services in Dubai to all types of businesses i.e mainland, all major free zone, and offshore across the United Arab Emirates including firms under the jurisdiction of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Best Assurance and Auditing Services include the following types of services provided by MBA

MBA Audit Process consists of the following steps

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