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Outsource your finance needs from bookkeeping to management accounts or compilations

    • Outsource your finance needs from bookkeeping to management accounts or compilations, payroll consolidated group accounts and technical accounting assistance executed by highly qualified trained accountants assisting you rapidly and efficiently.
    • Ask us about system development accounting software evaluations and advice on most suitable accounting platform for your business.
    • Financial Accounting
      • i. Bookkeeping
      • ii. Financial Statements
      • iii. IFRS
      • iv. Payroll & WPS
      • v. Forensic Accountancy
      • vi. Taxations Consultancy
      • vii. Bench Marketing / Ration Analysis
      • viii. Chart of Accounts Development
    • IFRS
      • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are the most widely accepted accounting model in the world. They provide a consistent worldwide reporting method. By complying, you will create comparable, reliable, and transparent financial statements that will facilitate greater cross-border capital raising and trade.
      • MBA has been working in the UAE for many years making sure that its clients follow IFRS. However if your company does not yet follow IFRS, without question, the time has come for it, ask us how.
    • Payroll & WPS
      • The Wage Protection System (WPS) introduced by Ministry of Labour in UAE, is a compulsory means of payments of wages & salaries to all employees inside the UAE through involvement of the Organization, its bankers, the Ministry of Labour & the Central Bank of the UAE, The WPS does not yet cover the Free Zones of the UAE.
      • MBA will assist you in administering & running WPS application or presenting advice on its regulation, whether you employ one employee or many.
    • Forensic Accountancy
      • MBA’s team has acted as experts at several courts in the UAE (Civil, Criminal & Commercial) at all stages from Primary to Appeal to the Supreme Court (in Abu Dhabi) or Cassation Court (in Dubai), hence provides investigative and valuation reports for a wide range of forensic or legal purposes.
      • MBA’s forensic accounting experience, enables you to submit your case to the Courts in a most efficient & speedy manner at any stage of the proceedings.
    • Management Accounts
      • MBA provides you with the necessary management & financial information, reviews these accounts with you and make suggestions for improving your business efficiency and profitability.
    • Examples of our services in this field
      • Budget design and preparation
      • Capital budgeting
      • Capital structure and business financing
      • Computer controls review
      • Cost Systems
      • Debt refinancing
      • Personal financial statements
      • Evaluation of internal audit function
      • Projections and forecsts
    • Management Accounting
      • Management Accounts Preparations
      • Cash Flow and Profit Projections
      • Business Valuations
      • Compliance with Contractual Agreement
    • Cash Flow and Profit Projections
      • Cash flow projections show how cash is expected to flow in and out of your business to give you a better idea of how much capital investment your business idea needs to run the business for the period of projection.
      • The profit projection determines how profitable the business venture will be.
      • As part of your business package, MBA provides you with cash flow and profit projections to enable you to get the most of your business, to ensure smooth financial operation and to help you plan the future of your business.
      • Ask us about projection of your tenders (such as contractors tendering for projects) making the tender more solid and practical.

Internal Audit

The stability of a company depends on how it actively monitors its operations to maintain integrity.

VAT/Excise Tax

MBA is an approved VAT Consultant and Tax Agent by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE


Outsource your finance needs from bookkeeping to management accounts or compilations


Focus on Your Business with Outsourced Bookkeeping Services.

Bank Reconciliation

The benefits of outsourcing bank reconciliation services

Forecasting and Budgeting

Prepared quarterly/half-yearly/annually for the company and its departments

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